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Responsive Web Design Production

Using responsive web design to achieve a multi-device compatible Website Production

Our responsive web design supports not only PCs, but also multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets.
With know-how, experience, and technology, we identify the merits and demerits of each customer and service, and propose the most suitable website.


Proposing optimal solutions to challenges in order to achieve your goals

  • Wish to have a PC site be compatible with smartphones
  • Wish to manage both PC and smartphone pages with a single source
  • Wish to unify the URL's for both PC and smartphone sites
  • Wish to lighten the operational load
  • Wish to consider the introduction of an integrative CMS


Production WorkflowIn the case of a typical website

PlanningPlanning & Strategic Planning

We will assess the necessity for responsive design to match the strategies and service of our client companies, consider the optimal portfolio for each device, and formulate a multi-device strategy to lighten the operational load.


Based on challenges and directions, we will plan a multi-device compatible user interface to support strategies to achieve your essential goals. We will produce all devices in a cross-sectional manner to maximize ROI across a consistent web strategy and information appeal.

CreativeDesign & Construction

In order to achieve a faithful representation of the strategy during the construction phase, we will build a website that balances accurate information design along with high design quality in order to satisfy all stakeholders.

MaintenanceOperation & Updates

We will develop design, HTML, and operational guidelines and continue to support a system for establishing a web operation flow, in order to effectively use and operate your published website. In addition to this, we will also thoroughly support practical work as well through periodic updates and more.


Responsive Web Design Construction Experience

Asahi Group HoldingsCorporate site

Renewal of the Japanese/English website. Full renewal of the site with a simple, unified design centered on the corporate colors. Improved usability with responsive web design and optimized for multiple devices.

Mitsui-no-ReformService site

In addition to smartphone compatibility and usability improvements, the site structure and design were reviewed from the ground up and significantly revamped. The site was renewed to be able to transmit information and be understood by users.

Igaku ShoinCorporate site

Added payment methods, implemented login and My Page functions using the "Igaku Shoin ID" which is managed and operated separately, and introduced the CX tool "KARTE". The website is now compatible with multiple devices through responsive design.

Chiba University of CommerceUniversity site

Planning and production of the entire renewal of the university website. Mobile-first design with vertical images and cinemagraphs. WebRelease2 was introduced to reduce the operational load and improve updateability.

CATALOGHOUSETsuhanSeikatsu Service site

Planning and production of EC site renewal. All pages were redesigned, usability was improved, cart area of LP type product detail page was improved, and changed to responsive design.

SHOEICorporate site

Website renewal planning and production for SHOEI, a premium helmet manufacturer of the highest quality that pursues design, functionality, and high safety performance. Improved usability, multi-device support by responsive design, and operational efficiency by introducing CMS.