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Constructing strategic websites to powerfully support your branding and marketing activities

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Corporate and service websites are a central media and tool for building an ongoing relationship with all stakeholders, regardless of whether the target is B to B or B to C. With knowledge and experience from both marketing and branding standpoints gained from having constructed websites for more than 1,000 companies, we offer customers strategic solutions integrating consulting, information design and creativity.

Proposing optimal solutions to challenges in order to achieve your goals.

  • Wish to improve your company's brand strength through a website
  • Wish for web marketing support within Japan, or from a global perspective
  • Wish to communicate in English when constructing a website
  • ish not only to construct a website, but to establish an operational workflow as well
  • Wish to introduce a CMS, in order to reduce costs and operation man-hours

Production WorkflowIn the case of a typical website

ResearchMarket Analysis - Present Data Analysis

Rather than just jump to starting discussions from the design and interface, we will carefully investigate challenges based on market analysis in order to formulate the direction of the strategy, such as the positioning of the client company in the market and its current situation. From that point, we will move on to determining a suggested direction.

PlanningStrategic Planning

Based on challenges and directions derived from market research and present data analysis, we will plan strategies in order to achieve essential objectives. This includes plans for the optimal technology, techniques, and user interface. We will combine existing content and plans for unique content matching user needs in order to achieve the goals of the client's company.

CreativeDesign - Construction

Based on your company's strategy, we will consider the information design, visual design, and content design before laying out a concrete design. By balancing appropriate information design along with high design quality, we will construct a website that is capable of satisfying the user's needs.

MaintenanceOperation - Updates

Both the market and users are living entities. We also provide content operation and updates after the website opens, activating the website while brushing it up into a richer experience.

Corporate / Service Site Production Experience

Saint-GobainGuideline Revision

Planning and production of the Japanese-English site for the global company's Japanese subsidiary. Reduced operational load through the introduction of Drupal. Multi-device compatibility through RWD.


Planning and production of the global corporation's corporate website. Achieved Japanese and English language support through a WordPress customization, smartphone site compatibility, and an interactive map using the Google Maps API.