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The important thing in video production is a direction capability to deliver an impressive creative vision that remains in the mind of viewers

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Product PR/TVCM Video
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We offer video content planning, configuration, filming, and editing with our consistent production system in a variety of genres, including areas such as Corporate PR, Product PR, and Human Resource Recruitment PR. With knowledge and experience from both marketing and branding standpoints gained from having created videos for more than 250 companies, we offer customers strategic solutions integrating planning capabilities, design capabilities and content production capabilities.On top of this, we also support the creation of Internet media videos, such as videos for YouTube and other media websites, as well as the construction of official websites.

Proposing optimal solutions to challenges in order to achieve your goals.

  • Wish to produce a Company Profile Video to be used in exhibitions and anniversaries
  • Wish to improve your appeal towards customers and produce product videos
  • Wish to acquire excellent human resources through the use of recruitment videos
  • Wish to also use your produced video on your website as well
  • Wish for proposals on video utilization and PR techniques for YouTube

Production WorkflowIn the case of a typical video production

PlanningPlanning & Strategic Planning

We plan configurations and strategies in order to meet your essential goals. We will formulate a complete concept and configuration through production design documents such as storyboards based on the needs derived from target user analysis and research and concrete use situations for pamphlets.


We will plan an impressive production reflecting your company's vision and philosophy while securing your corporate identity. Once we have a video image, we will provide guidance for a direction, giving shape to your company's goals and expectations.

CreaticeFilming & Editing & Production

We do not consider improving just the appearance of existing information a creative activity. We produce videos to achieve your goals by producing a comprehensive set of consistent contents with a project team structure of video directors, camera men, sound, effects, and CG designers led by a producer.

OutputPackage & Dubbing & Web

Not only is packaging of produced video contents for mass distribution available, with Climarks it is also possible to utilize a variety of media, such as the web and smartphones, in order to get the most out of your productions. Let us offer some proposals for effective multi-device deployment.

Video Production Experience



Production of recruitment video aimed at new graduates. Directly appealed to students what it means to be a part of the indispensable infrastructure development and maintenance of Energy Business.



Production of recruitment video aimed at new graduates for recruitment information sessions. While introducing their business which widely deals with plastic materials in a stylish manner, appeal the way of working through interviews with employees.