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Corporate Philosophy

Mark a climax

Aim for the highest level without compromise.


As a company with a corporate philosophy of "Mark a climax = Aim for the highest level without compromise", we will practice the following five principles.

Continue to be creative.
Staying creative is not a goal, it is our "mission". It is our responsibility to our customers, society, partners, members, and ourselves.
Expression of others, satisfaction of others.
Rather than self-expression and self-satisfaction, we aim to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, society, and users.
Dedication and Pride
Don't leave it to the numbers. Don't leave it to others.
Work that cannot be done in numbers or quantities. Work for which there is no substitute - it is our commitment and pride to do such work.
Thoughts and Actions
Play with the frame, go beyond the frame.
We see constraints as conditions, not limits, and create the best solutions by transcending the past, organizations, and genres.
Social Contribution
Contribute to society through creativity.
We will contribute to the new industrial revolution of information technology by bringing surprises and awareness to society with our original values.