Cross-Media Production

Mitsuoka Motor

Mitsuoka MotorPromotion tools

Multi-device compatibility for smartphones and other devices through responsive web design. Carried out concept movie production and new visual filming in one-stop, and also supported branding activities.

Hitachi Hi-System21Recruitment tools

Used the message "NO BETTER WAY, TO FLY AWAY" as a motif for various media. Revealed Hitachi Hi-System 21's "challengeable environment" from a variety of perspectives.


TOBU RAILWAYRecruitment tools

Designed media to be able to have readers gain an understanding of the value of business and the strength of the social influence of the group as a whole, as well as to have readers gain an understanding of the railways and widely expanding business.


INCREMENT PRecruitment tools

By expressing the company's advanced business areas and way of working with the concept of "adventure (adventurer)," we were able to allow for creative uniformity while at the same time give off a strong impression to students.

Metal One

Metal OneRecruitment tools

Read the market, move the world, utilize iron. In order to play that role, challenge the unknown, and break open the journey. From upstream to downstream, we expressed how to pioneer the journey related to iron starting from zero.


JPHYTECRecruitment tools

Appealed to students what it means to be a part of the infrastructure development and maintenance of Energy Business, which is indispensable to humanity. Also, used facts to appeal the details of a business handled with pride to support people's lives.