Multilingual Site Construction

Supporting your multilingual website deployment and local marketing to accelerate your global expansion

Global Strategy × Regulation × Local Support

At Climarks, we move away from simply translating a multilingual website. Our native and bilingual staff design a website to match the region and language, achieving a global website construction directed at your target users from the perspective of a native speaker.
Thanks to our knowledge and extensive experience gained through the development of global web guidelines (Global Commons) of large corporations with multiple localized sites, as well as the construction of pilot websites, we can provide a one-stop solution oriented for global strategy, regulation, and local support.

Proposing optimal solutions to challenges in order to achieve your goals.

  • Wish to support English, Chinese, Korean, or other languages as well as Japanese.
  • Wish for web marketing support within Japan, or from a global perspective
  • Wish to communicate in English when constructing a website
  • Wish to establish web regulations from a global perspective
  • Wish to consolidate the design and structure of websites for different languages

Production WorkflowIn the case of a typical website

ResearchMarket & Present Data Analysis

Along with research on the current situation of global website deployment and target user analysis, conduct research and analysis on matters such as the role to be secured for the website for each region and country in order to determine a direction for proposals.

PlanningPlanning & Strategic Planning

Formulate mid- to long-term website strategies and operational strategies on the basis of Global Web Strategy Guidelines. We also define the necessity of pilot sites (standardized model) and Global Commons (standardization).

CreativeDesign & Construction &
Content Production

In order to achieve a faithful representation of the strategy during the construction phase, we will build a website that balances accurate information design along with high design quality in order to satisfy all stakeholders.

Development & Operation

We will develop design, HTML, and operational guidelines and continue to support a system for establishing a web operation flow, in order to effectively use and operate your published website. In addition to this, we will also thoroughly support practical work as well through periodic updates and more.

Mulitilingual Site Construction Experience

Teikyo UniversityMultilingual site

Planning, production, and translation of the university's multilingual website. The website was deployed in English, Chinese, and Korean. Reduced operational load through the introduction of WordPress. Multi-device compatibility through RWD.

Aoyama Gakuin UniversityMultilingual site

Constructed with a simple design with a focus on usability. The website was deployed in English, Chinese, and Korean. Clearly appealed text data in a visual manner using infographics.