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The important thing for pamphlet production is constructing a consistent story,including copy, design, and feel

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We are available to meet your requests in a wide variety of genres, such as for company profiles, product catalogs, guides for joining the company, and many more. Our consistent production system starts from the planning and configuration stage, and covers all the way to interviewing and writing by our company's copywriters, photography and video, design, and printing. With knowledge and experience from both marketing and branding standpoints gained from having created pamphlets for more than 500 companies, we offer customers strategic solutions integrating planning capabilities, design capabilities and content production capabilities.

Proposing optimal solutions to challenges in order to achieve your goals

  • Wish to improve your company's brand strength through a company pamphlet
  • Wish to improve your appeal towards customers through product or service pamphlets
  • Wish to acquire excellent human resources through recruitment pamphlets
  • Wish to collectively produce content such as a website, video and a pamphlet
  • Wish for proposals on concepts and the role for each tool

Production WorkflowIn the case of a typical company pamphlet production

PlanningPlanning & Strategic Planning

We plan configurations and strategies in order to meet your essential goals. We will formulate a complete concept and configuration through pagination design documents based on the needs derived from target user analysis and research and concrete use situations for pamphlets.


We will plan an impressive design reflecting your company's vision and philosophy while securing your corporate identity. Once we have a rough image, we will provide guidance for a direction, giving shape to your company's goals and expectations.

CreativeDesign & Construction

We do not consider improving just the appearance of existing information a creative activity. We deliver user communication to achieve your goals by producing a comprehensive set of consistent contents with a project team structure of writers, camera men, and designers led by a producer.

MaintenanceOperation &

A pamphlet with a texture you can feel is not complete without precise quality management, including the precise selection of paper quality and shape as well as printing adjustments based on a clear creative concept. At Climarks, we promise to deliver an effective production through to the end while keeping costs low.

Graphic Production Experience

Sumitomo Forestry

Planning and production of a recruitment pamphlet aimed at new graduates. Reasons for working at Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. Expanded a realistic image of the company and employees that work there with a straight concept "PRIDE".


Planning and production of a recruitment pamphlet aimed at new graduates. The main concept was adventure (adventurers). Expressed along with a theme of continuing to challenge without getting caught up in stereotypes.