Cross-Media Production

The necessary thing for cross-media is a concept to take advantage of your functions

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The role of media has greatly changed through the permeation of websites and mobile.
The reason that Climarks is strong in Cross-Media production lies in the knowledge and experience of its members that have been deeply involved with the evolution of such media, as well as a wealth of experience in "Concept" planning that can fully draw out the function of media.

Reasons Climarks is chosen for cross-media

Climarks provides a consistent creative in one-stop

Producers versed in the characteristics of each media are the ones in charge of our company. We compile productions related to multiple types of media after gaining an understanding for the overall picture of promotion activities - from website and mobile site production to video and paper media options. With no need to select contractors for each specific type of media, we offer speedy production while maintaining creative consistency across all fronts.

We will eliminate your worries with our overwhelming production experience

The first thing you should look at when selecting a production company is production experience. By looking at a company's production experience, you will be able to approximate the planning capabilities and production capabilities of that company. Please have a look at our company's overwhelming production experience.

We move users with our rich content production capabilities and strong design capabilities.

Professionals versed with the characteristics of each media and equipped with knowledge on how to get the job done are in charge of the actual production. In addition to our content design capabilities to deliver high usability and design capabilities to move the heart of the user, we provide planning, reporting, filming, production and operation in one-stop thanks to our dedicated copywriters, illustrators, and camera men.

staff who know the characteristics of each media
inside and out probides an optimal creative in one-stop.

We have entered into an era where it is commonplace for the same user to be in contact with multiple types of media, such as websites, videos, paper media, and even mobile. We now belong to an age in which users select a proper media based on an understanding of each media's characteristics.
In order to effectively achieve the goals of promotion, it is extremely important not only to associate the multiple media sources and aim for an overall synergy, but to also see just how high-quality of contents you can provide for each individual media.

Also, a series of promotion tools requires a consistent message. However, it seems that there are many cases in which production for different media types is requested to different companies, such as Company A being in charge of the website, Company B for pamphlets, Company C for video, and Company D for the mobile site.
At Climarks, staff who know the characteristics of each media inside and out provide an optimal creative in one-stop.

Cross-Media Production Experience

Mitsuoka Motor

Multi-device compatibility for smartphones and other devices through responsive web design. Carried out concept movie production and new visual filming in one-stop, and also supported branding activities.


Appealed to students what it means to be a part of the infrastructure development and maintenance of Energy Business, which is indispensable to humanity. Also, used facts to appeal the details of a business handled with pride to support people's lives.

Hitachi Hi-System21

Used the message "NO BETTER WAY, TO FLY AWAY" as a motif for various media. Revealed Hitachi Hi-System 21's "challengeable environment" from a variety of perspectives.