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Our efforts to build a smartphone site was introduced in Tokyo IT News No. 196 (issued on September 25, 2012).

We are pleased to announce that Tokyo IT News No. 196 (issued on September 25, 2012) introduced our efforts to build a smartphone website.

What are the five best solutions to meet user needs? and introduces five methods for companies to support smartphones, citing examples from our own company.

  • One source multi-use CMS
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Automatic Conversion Service
  • Scratch development
  • Smartphone CMS service "smart4me"

With the rapid spread of smartphones, the number of web accesses via smartphones is rapidly increasing, and the need for companies to have websites optimized for smartphones is growing. However, there are various methods to do so, and the answer will vary depending on the characteristics of the smartphone site, the requirements of the site owner, and the operational approach.

We hope that you will read this article and use it as a reference for your own website's smartphone compatibility.

Tokyo IT News No. 196 (PDF)

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