Smartphone Site Production "smart4me Business Edition"

smart4me Business Edition is an updateable web service that makes it easy to publish sites optimized for smartphones.

smart4me is a CMS (Contents Management System) package which enables simple production and updates for smartphone sites.
Immediate publishing is possible just by inputting your own template thanks to the inclusion of basic templates and menus optimized for smartphones, as well as behaviors unique to smartphones, such as flicking, preset in advance. As the site is capable of linking with social media such as Twitter and Facebook, allowing it to collect all of the latest information deployed for each media source, the possibilities for use are endless. Since an English version is available as well, you can transmit your company website around the world.

smart4me Business Edition Features and Functions

Optimized for Smartphones

Since menu behaviors and the smartphones own unique design are reproduced, it is possible to produce a smartphone site corresponding to the stylish world-view of smartphones. And of course, it is compatible with Androids and iPhone (iOS).

Simple updates with a CMS

New creations and updates are possible with easy and intuitive operations while checking a preview with the management screen. As there are templates prepared for you in advance, no knowledge of HTML or other web languages is required.

Link with Social Media

It is also possible to link to the latest information your company is sharing, such as on Twitter or Facebook to display on your smartphone site. Utilizing a portal like function for collecting information on your smartphone site is also possible.

The basic transmission of information, creation of pages, and update of functions on a smartphone can be completed with smart4me.

Creation / Management Screen

It is possible to easily create and update your smartphone site while checking a preview with the management screen, even without any programming knowledge.
After that, it is possible to publish your changes simply by uploading the saved (exported) data to the in-house server.

Image of a completed site

Basic Plan / Rates

Business Edition BasicBusiness Edition Pro
(Initial cost of 30,000 yen)
(Initial cost of 100,000 yen)
Initial SetupInitial Setup
Management Screen Use(CMS)Management Screen Use(CMS)
Download HTML Files
  • Tax is not included in the amounts written above.
  • Please contact us individually for optional expenses.
    • Establishment of a Contact Form
    • In-house server video streaming
    • Large-scale site
    • SEO measures, etc.
  • The above rates are applicable when the customer provides their own server.(Business Edition Pro)
  • The Basic Plan and rates are subject to change.