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Privacy Policy

  1. Our company will legally collect customers' private information to provide customers with transactions and services, and will use the private information collected within the scope of that purpose.
  2. Our company will not offer or disclose the collected private information of a customer to a third party or a business partner, etc., without obtaining the customer's approval in principle (except the case of a deposit to a subcontractor).
  3. Our company will take security countermeasures to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, or unlawful computer access, etc., to a customer's private information, and will manage such information properly.
  4. Our company will take care of customers’ personal information by abiding by relevant laws (e.g. Private Information Protection Law, etc.) and various guidelines.
  5. Our company might consign the handling of personal information to an outside company to provide customers with transactions and services. In such a case, our company will first implement the conclusion of an agreement, and will thoroughly publicize, and familiarize that company with our company's protection policy regarding personal information, and will monitor the implementation status, etc., in order to secure proper handling.
  6. Please contact our company if you request information in detail, a correction, a deletion or a suspension of use of your own personal information.
  7. Our company educates all our employees so that customers' personal information is properly handled. Moreover, our company reviews the approach of protection of individual information if necessary while regularly checking the proper handling, and will continue to improve it.

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